Cathy Cremen has owned and operated a mind/body health practice in Christchurch since 1984. Her passion to understand the mind/body connection in health and healing led her from the medical model (as a veterinarian) to a more holistic approach where yoga, reiki, meditation and homeopathy took centre stage in her own life as well as her healing practice.    

Cathy has used her own personal experiences and those of her clients, as her training ground for testing and proving what she believes to be true about the innate unconditional presence of love within every living being.

By identifying what we need and what is preventing us from being happy, we can understand the driving force behind why we do what we do. As we clarify our beliefs and values, we can make clear decisions and take specific actions to manage our needs, change our behaviours and dissolve our imbalances.  In redefining health, Cathy is committed to educating and empowering others in taking responsibility for their personal growth and development, as they move towards mastery of their emotions, needs, decisions, desires and purpose in life.

Offering meditation for everyday living has naturally evolved from over 30 years of practising and teaching reiki as a tool for transformation through paying attention and listening with presence and awareness.

Please join Cathy as she weaves and interconnects her experiences with yours to discover and experience the amazing human being that she knows we all are.  

Why Meditation?

Meditation practice improves the quality and resilience in our daily lives: Refreshes body and mind, increases clarity and creativity, promotes happiness, fosters compassion and enriches our connectedness in all relationships.

These sessions are designed to slow down your thinking, analytical mind, expand your natural awareness of the present moment and gently anchor you in the NOW.

Resting in awareness is a concentrated and grounded energized state, neither dull nor restless.


For more details: contact Cathy Cremen at or 027 262 2448