Hey everyone,

I hope you're managing OK after last night's announcement. As we've learned in Christchurch over the past 10 years, fear, anger and disappointment are normal emotional responses. Let's channel them into doing the right, safe thing for ourselves and each other. You got this!

Covid-19 Safety measures in studio

  1. the water dispenser will be off limits until we go back to Level 1. Please bring your own water bottle.

  2. we'll continue to sanitising surfaces and equipment after each use.

  3. we've added personal sanitising stations at the entry, and made them more visible in all rooms

  4. wearing a mask is welcome:-)

We're fortunate that the new studio layout means we already have over 1m spacing between mats during class time. I'll be in the studio this morning, aiming for 1.5m.

Self-care advice from a professional

Jacqui Maguire is a Registered Clinical Psychologist. I found her perspective helpful after last night's announcement:

"Tonight’s announcement of community transmission without a located source is likely to raise a number of emotions, especially for those in Auckland. Anxiety, fear, anger and disappointment are likely.

"It is important to remember that emotions evolved to provide us with information that could help us make sense of our experiences and guide our behaviour. For example, anxiety alerts us that we are facing a threat and need to act in a way that ensures survival. What does this mean right now - wash your hands, cough into your elbow and if you are in Auckland stick to your bubble. Disappointment signals we have lost something meaningful to us - in this instance our liberty. Take that disappointment and use it as motivation to stick to the rules. Turning away from or suppressing your emotional reactions will only intensify them.

"New Zealand will need time to emotionally and cognitively adjust to this announcement. Hold compassion and kindness for yourself and others as you adjust, reach out and offer support to those around you. Take one day at a time, practice your wellbeing strategies and hold the hope that we will get through this together."

Take care everyone. Be safe. Be kind.

Jen xx